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The four core objectives were:

  • Make life easier for technicien by bringing additional self-service into their core daily tasks
  • Increase engagement with employee by improving their experience
  • Launch the first web app

Not only did they want to give their employee more control over their stats, but also transform team communication, their internal operations .

The Result

No easy task within a 50,000 employee-strong business, but we worked closely with  to understand what data was required and they best way to translate that for their executive board.

We then built the ideal solution, designing features to collate every piece of data into simple graphical formats and KPI metrics – and in real-time thanks to our integration work with their legacy IT systems.

The Result

As you hover over values in the map, a time series is displayed showing production values over time. As you change the years in the range slider, the aggregate time series is updated with the sum of all production over time. The histogram chart is also selectable, serving as an alternative control for selecting a range of time.

They can view everything from performance forecasts to real-time stats figures, helping them to make better informed, evidence-based company decisions.